Why don't my K20Video username and password work on the desktop software?
The username and password for the VidyoDesktop software is different than the K20Video username and password. You do not need a username and password for the VidyoDesktop software, you will always leave these fields blank.

What are the differences in the browser plugin and the desktop software? 

Can a meeting be extended through K20Video after a conference has already started? 
Yes, the conference creator can login to K20Video and change the stop time for the conference once it has begun. This will need to be done prior to the conference ending.

Do I need to have a K20Video account to participate in a conference?
No, having an account is not a requirement for participating in a conference. Accounts are needed in order to create and manage conferences. Information to participate in a conference can be sent to anyone and with that information anyone can dial-in and participate.