To participate in a conference with the VidyoDesktop software:

Install Software:
After Installation:
  • Launch the software. The software will prompt you for information for the VidyoPortal, Username & Password. LEAVE THESE BLANK. The software only needs to be running, you do not need any login credentials for this.
  • Now that the software is open, return to the email provided to you by K20video or the individual who created the conference, and click the link for the conference.
  • After clicking the link, the software will become active and a new window will open prompting you for your name. Enter the name you would like to use for the conference, it could be your name, organization, whatever you would like but it is required. This name will be displayed to all participants. Click the green "Connect" button.
  • If there is a PIN assigned to the conference another window will appear asking for the PIN, enter the PIN and click the "Done" button, you will be placed into the conference. 
  • If there is a no PIN this step will be bypassed.
  •  Enjoy your conference!